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Got a match? Hep C dating services

There are quite a few dating sites that seek to hook up the hepatitis C community. A few are dedicated solely to HCV dating, but most of them mix in hep C with herpes and some other common STDs.

Unfortunately, the larger dating sites such as Match.com and Yahoo Personals do not provide a way for singles with issues such as HCV to identify each other, outside of going public in their dating profiles. For a while, herpes singles were using a phone-number code to wink at each other on these big dating sites, but that never really caught on.

One reason hep C romance seekers don't have a more robust selection of dating services is that, in the opinion of most researchers and doctors, they simply don't need to date outside the general population. Unlike people with, say, genital herpes -- many of whom prefer to "date within the club" since by definition the virus is sexually transmitted. Few doctors consider HCV an STD.

(This site also offers help in talking about hep C with romantic partners and a look at the risks of hepatitis infection.)

Another way to seek out potential romantic partners with HCV is to run searches on your local Craig's List personals for the terms "hepatitis C, HCV or hep C." Local support groups may host mixers.

Here are the two major hepatitis C dating sites as well as Positive Singles, the "Match.com of STDs."

Hep C Singlines Online

This site seems to skew a bit older than most dating services. The number of potential partners is just OK. In a search run in March '08, 39 hep C women were seeking men in California, just one of them in Los Angeles. In Florida, a sweep of men produced 44 hits, with just one in Miami. There were quite a few people in these results who had not logged in recently.


Hep C Match

A search for women within 250 miles of Los Angeles produced 15 hits. A search for men in Florida with 250 miles of Miami found 27 potential suitors. A one-month subscription cost $9.99 with a three-day free trial. A one-year subscription was $99.


Positive Singles

Bills itself as the largest STD dating site in the world. Of course, hepatitis C is typically not considered an STD, but the issues are similar for those with the disease. Searches produced a large selection of candidates, although most of them were herpes sufferers. A one-month subscription cost $30. A one-year subsciption was $144.